DIPISA is an organization that gathers and shares the experience and credibility of its partners, through a professional network in the Mexican industrial field.


Based on over 25 years of experience attending the industrial market, we managed to form a team of experienced professionals in order to facilitate ideal scenarios for our clients, such as:

  • Concentrating a variety of long-term reliable suppliers.
  • Access to professional suppliers with experience and ethics in their commitments.
  • Obtaining a response, on time and form, for even an informal question, as for a whole project.
  • Suppliers with professional references in the industrial field.
  • Commited to work with a customer-oriented spirit
  • Inspire reliance and trust in the on-time product delivery initially stipulated.
  • Focus on our customer needs.
  • Be the human and personalized connection to meet our customer’s needs.


To be an extra-organizational network of the most qualified experts on the different industrial fields, with referenced expertise and business ethics, to locate and deliver equipment properly.


To become a trustworthy point of reference within the industrial market, including professional support, time of response, and business ethics.