Even though we aren’t authorized distributor of Igus brand, one of our clients asked us for support, due to the delivery time of an equipment (12 to 16 weeks) that the authorized distributor were giving them. This would delay the startup program in the production line.

Of the 7 required items, 3 of them were directly located in the production site in Germany, 2 of them with a distributor in the United States and the rest were manufactured in Monterrey, México according to the manufacturer specifications.

The delivery time of the 7 items was reduced from 12-16 weeks to only 5 weeks, with partial deliveries while avoiding delays in the startup of the program.

Our client asked us to locate two parts of the mentioned server to cover an intermittent fault of the existing equipment.

In the same day of the request, we locate a company in the USA that could offer us the two units in a period of 2 week.

Three days later, we were asked for a direct option with HP, to assess the posibility of replacing the equipment for new ones. 

Through our contacts in HP, we obtained a proposal for the migration of equipment. Considering the increase in the fault frecuency, the customer chooses to analize for the future the replacement, and decides to place the purchase order for two used equipments with one year warranty.

The purchase order was placed by Wednesday morning, that same day the USA supplier was initiating the equipment configurations for delivery in one week. Dipisa comitted itself to deliver in maximum 3 weeks, taking into account import procedures.

On Tuesday at 08:00 o’clock, our client called to inform us that the existing equipment failed, and we were asked to deliver at least one unit as soon as posible.

With the support of our supplier and in coordination with our custom agent, we do the logistics and by the next day at 15:00 hours, one of the equipment was already in the client´s plant. This equipment was immediately installed by the client, avoiding losses in the production.